Beyond Burger Goes Beyond the U.S.!
Citizens in Hong Kong consume more than 100 pounds of beef per capita every year.  Knowing what we do about the impact of meat production and consumption on our planet (climate change!), global public health (heard of antibiotic resistance?), and animals (don’t make me elaborate…), this is not a pleasant stat to encounter. 
China has set the goal to cut its meat consumption in half by 2030. In contrast, Hong Kong’s meat-loving status doesn’t scream progress. 
But perhaps Hong Kong doesn’t have to reduce its meat consumption, per se. Maybe its citizens just need to eat a different kind of meat – produced from plants, not animals. Beyond Meat is taking on this challenge and debuting its wildly popular Beyond Burger right in this city: the meat capital of the world. 
As of today, the Beyond Burger will be available at Green Common, a plant-based supermarket and bistro. Next, the burger will be available at The Butcher’s Club, a Hong Kong burger joint known for its “high-quality” dry-aged beef. 

In a press release, Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown stated that the company has been resisting international distribution because demand in the U.S. already exceeds the startup’s production capacity. However, the opportunity for such an impactful partnership was too good to pass up: “It’s been gratifying to see consumers embrace the Beyond Burger in the United States, and we hope with this first step into Asia, we can bring greater awareness of the shifting protein paradigm to this vitally important economy,” he said. 
Ethan, if you’re reading this, please know that I’m happy to volunteer my services for quality-assurance taste-tests abroad. You know how to reach me! 

As we wait to get initial reviews from the Beyond Burger’s international debut, I’ll leave you all with this quote from Green Monday’s CEO and co-founder, David Yeung, who is the lucky owner of the Green Common store: “I wouldn’t compare the Beyond Burger with other plant or meat burgers; I would compare it to the iPhone or Tesla, because it is, simply, a game-changer.” 

Well said, David. Well said. 

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