GFI Scientists Open Their Doors for Office Hours
GFI’s Science and Technology team interfaces with experts from a broad ecosystem of scientific disciplines to share information and accelerate the development of a new food economy. 

This regularly brings our team into contact with brilliant minds not only in food, but in adjacent industries such as regenerative medicine, plant biology, and tissue engineering. 

To facilitate more streamlined information sharing, our team of scientists is clearing an hour each month to create a dedicated forum for discussion and to take questions from the scientific community. 

Here are the details:   

Who: GFI’s SciTech Department
What: A one hour, invite-only video meeting
When: Second Wednesday of the month, 12pm EST
How: Qualified scientists can apply to join a session here 

Our doors are open. We hope you stop by! 

For background on GFI’s work, check out our team’s reviews of the clean meatplant-based meat, and cellular agriculture industries.  

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