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Corporate Engagement Intern

Summer 2018 GFI Corporate Engagement Department Internship

Primary GFI Mentor: Alison Rabschnuk

Secondary GFI Mentor: Zak Weston

Duration: 10-20 hours a week for at least 10 weeks. Preference given to those who can work longer.

Start date: Preferably early- to mid-May

Purpose: The Good Food Institute (GFI) is on the forefront of the movement to use food technology and markets to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, from climate change and global hunger to antibiotic efficacy and the exploitation of billions of animals annually. The Corporate Engagement Department focuses on increasing the accessibility and visibility of plant-based alternatives to factory-farmed products. By reporting on the state of the industry today, the intern will help lay the groundwork for the department’s future efforts to enlist corporations in transforming the food system.

Activities: A group of interns will work on one or more of the following projects:

  • Using a predefined rubric, the intern will conduct a second annual review of the menus of the top 100 chain restaurants and rank them according to breadth and depth of their plant-based entrée openings. Most of this research will be conducted online or over the phone, though supplemental site visits may be useful. The intern will update a spreadsheet with the new ranking based on the rubric.
  • Assist the Corporate Engagement team to develop a marketing plan for reaching the hundreds of thousands of restaurants not in the top 100 ranking to make them aware of the GFI resources available to help them to offer more plant-based entrées
  • Update plant-based product database as new products are launched and entrée database with innovative plant-based dishes found through online research
  • Conduct research on corporations that GFI would like to engage with to encourage the production of more plant-based foods
  • Assist with an analysis of the grocery sector, researching names of key corporate contacts and identifying opportunities for improvement in promoting and selling plant-based foods

Learning Objectives: The intern will gain experience conducting in-depth corporate research, analyzing menus, and organizing projects. They will become an expert in the current state of plant-based offerings and will play an integral role in the process of encouraging corporations to turn their attention to the consumer shift towards plant-based eating.

This internship is an unpaid position.

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