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Innovation Department Intern

GFI Innovation Department Internship

Grow your knowledge of the plant-based meat and clean meat space

Primary GFI Mentor: Aylon Steinhart
Duration: 20 hours per semester, ~1.5 hours/week
Start date: March 19th, 2018

Purpose: As the Innovation Intern, your primary goal is to help GFI build a network of strategic contacts that will help drive the transition of the food system to a more humane, healthy, and sustainable one. Through your work, you will help shape the discourse around the future of protein on campuses nationwide.

Activities: The main activities of this internship are:

  • Using internet research to Identify high-value contacts on specified university campuses, including professors, heads of programs, departments, and student organizations, university communications departments, and more.
  • Creating a database of these contacts with your analysis of how they could help further GFI’s mission
  • Collaborating with GFI’s Business Innovation Specialist and Campus Fellows to create a strategy for best reaching out to these contacts

Deliverables: The end result of this internship will be a database with campus-by-campus strategic contacts along with your analysis of how these contacts could help further GFI’s mission. We would also like recommendations from the intern on how to approach different contacts.

Learning Objectives: The primary learning objective is for the intern to grow their knowledge of the plant-based meat and clean meat space and to develop expertise in identifying the highest-value contacts for driving change.

This internship is an unpaid volunteer position.

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