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International Intern: Mapping Markets

Fall 2017 GFI International Engagement Department Internship

Mapping International Plant-Based Meat Markets


Primary GFI Mentor: Nicole Roth, Director of International Engagement

Location: This project can be performed remotely. Preference will be given to applicants outside of the U.S., especially in Asia or Europe.

Duration: Total project expectation: 60 hours. More work available if needed.

Start date: Flexible. Would like project complete by end of 2017.

Purpose: The purpose of this internship will be to gather information about all plant-based meat, dairy, and egg companies headquartered, with offices or production facilities, or selling their products in the Asia (China, Taiwan, India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam) and Europe (Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Iceland, Austria, and Poland). Each intern is expected to focus on one region.

Activities: The main activities of this internship include internet and database research to locate the needed information, followed by development of (1) a company product database and (2) an analysis of the plant-based meat, dairy, and egg markets in each country. Additionally, there may be a need to reach out to vendors and suppliers by phone or email to get additional information.

Deliverables: The end result of this internship will be two deliverables. The first deliverable is a database that describes all of the companies selling plant-based meat, dairy, or eggs in these countries including information about their locations, products, sales, and distribution. The second deliverable is a summary of the plant-based meat, dairy, and egg industry in each country.

Learning Objectives: The primary learning objective is for the intern to develop expertise in current state of the plant-based meat, dairy, and egg industries in Asia or Europe and their opportunities for growth. They will also learn best practices in information management and sharing.

Compensation: This internship is unpaid.

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