Meatless Beyond Monday
Whether you eat less meat every day of the week, eat less meat on Mondays, or go completely meatless every day of the year, Kristie Middleton supports you.

As the director of food policy for the Humane Society of the United States, Middleton already leads powerful education efforts to make healthy and humane eating effortless in colleges, hospitals, and some of the nation’s largest school districts—and now her upcoming book brings those insights right into your kitchen.  

MeatLess: Transform the Way You Eat and Live—One Meal at a Time offers concrete and rational steps for reducing meat consumption in everyday life (without sacrificing convenience or taste), shares success stories of people who have gone plant-based, and offers a few tips and tricks for overcoming common barriers when making dietary changes. 

Pause. Clear a spot on your bookshelf, mark you calendar for March 7, and pre-order your copy here.
Okay – back to it.

Middleton is perhaps best known for her work on the nationwide Meatless Monday campaign. While Meatless Monday was initially launched to conserve food for U.S. troops during wartime, health and animal welfare advocates rebooted the campaign in 2003 after more than a half-century hiatus to address our reliance on factory farming for food and the rising rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, and diabetes that have come along with it. 

Middleton's work has led to the addition of more than 100 schools, universities, and hospitals into the program, including the nation’s second-largest public school system: the Los Angeles Unified School District. The LA school system, which serves more than 600,000 meals per day, has become a passionate supporter of the Meatless Monday effort. If it's possible at that scale, it's possible at any scale. That includes a scale of one: You. You can help shift the dining culture by committing to MeatLess – for one day a week, or every day of your life. 

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