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I have to be honest; the idea of writing a “New Year’s Resolutions” blog was not enticing to me. In my experience, making a resolution occurs in a beautiful moment of thoughtful inspiration—a moment that flames out the second you get tired, hungry, or bored. 

Resolutions are, it seems, where hope goes to die: We idealistically hope to improve ourselves by taking drastic measures, often without laying the groundwork for that change to be successful. 

Say this year you’ve decided to cut out animal products. Suddenly, you have no idea what to eat. Dry cereal for breakfast? A pile of romaine, sans your usual grilled chicken? No cheese with your wine? 

(Wait, did you give up wine too?) 
Good thing we at The Good Food Institute are pragmatists. Our main goal is to make it easy to choose the foods that are best for humans, animals, and the planet. So if you’re struggling through your first week of 2017 with a new commitment to being healthier or more environmentally conscious, allow us to help with some resolution solutions.

First off, take a deep breath. There’s protein-packed Ripple for your cereal. There’s Miyoko's cultured nut cheese for your cheat day. And there are Beyond Meat chicken strips for your desk lunch. 
Next, check out these two tools to take the pain out of your 2017 journey to a better you: 

As Lighter CEO Alexis Fox says, this powerful online platform is designed to transform the entire unwieldy process of meal planning for the week—picking recipes, making a list, budgeting, etc.—into a 30-second digital interaction. Lighter provides you with free recipes based on your personal tastes, goals, and cooking schedule. The platform also lets you incorporate the recommendations of your favorite food leaders, from health gurus like Dr. Michael Greger to athletes like Rich Roll. There’s also an option to upgrade your subscription for nutritional analyses and one-on-one cooking and food guidance. 

I’m already impressed with myself just thinking about cooking this surprisingly simple recipe for creamy corn chowder with chipotle peppers and Field Roast sausage

Purple Carrot 

I can say from personal experience that Purple Carrot removes all of the hassle from making delicious plant-based meals and retains all of the fun, fulfilling parts of the process. This service is a dream come true for staying the course with your resolutions. Seriously, all you have to do is wait for your week of ingredients and recipes to arrive at your doorstep and enjoy feeling like a skilled chef while following the detailed cooking instructions contained in the meal kit.

Purple Carrot offers two subscription options, the first for two people three times a week ($68), and the second for four people twice a week ($74). Or now, in select markets, you can just grab a $19.99 kit designed for two meals straight off the shelf at Whole Foods! 
With Purple Carrot, it’s nearly impossible not to follow through on your plans to eat healthier, more sustainable plant-based meals. As a bonus, you’ll improve your cooking skills, and you can use the time you no longer need for grocery shopping to do yoga or run or whatever you decided on for your other resolution in your overly optimistic state. 

A flashback to the one time I successfully made sweet potato lasagna, thanks to Purple Carrot!

I would wish you luck, but I’m hoping with the tools listed above, you won’t need it. So instead, I’ll go ahead and offer you congratulations on finally, finally sticking with your resolutions. You rule. 

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