Guess Who's Buying Beyond Burgers?
The Beyond Burger – the hyper-realistic plant-based patty that’s vying to make beef obsolete – is winning with its target market: meat-lovers. According to Beyond Meat Executive Chairman Seth Goldman, an estimated 70 percent of Beyond Burger consumers are not vegetarian or vegan. 

Plant-based meat: 1
Animal meat: -250, or something like that.

Goldman explains why Beyond Meat isn't trying to be the next best veggie burger in an interview with Food Navigator

When we think about competition, it’s meat. Our goal has never been to be the top-selling veggie burger company, although we obviously want vegans and vegetarians to enjoy our products. But we’ve never aspired to be the leader of 5% of the market, we’re going after the other 95%.

To transform the food supply, demand for alternatives to factory-farmed meat has to come from the mainstream. That's why Beyond Meat is constantly searching for innovative ways to create plant-based meats that serve as 1-to-1 replacements for the burgers, ground beef, sausages, and other animal products consumers are already buying in droves.  

Vegans, we love you, but this one’s for the carnivores.

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