2018 Year in Review: Nourishing the World Sustainably
GFI works to create a sustainable, healthy, and just food system. We harness the power of food innovation and markets to accelerate the transition of the global food system to plant-based and cell-based meat, eggs, and dairy. 

Crack open our 2018 Year in Review to see what we’ve been up to!

With the incredible support of our donors, 2018 was monumental. The plant-based and cell-based meat industries have seen phenomenal progress in recent months, and we’re honored to help build the momentum.

From Capitol Hill to Y Combinator, GFI brought good food innovation to the fore. We launched a Sustainable Seafood Initiative and helped big food companies diversify beyond conventional animal products. Scientists, innovators, investors, and industry incumbents gathered to envision a better food future at the inaugural Good Food Conference. It has been a whirlwind.

Our global food system has no shortage of challenges. But this visionary community has solutions. 

From all of us at GFI, thank you for sharing our commitment to nourishing the world sustainably. If you’re not yet part of our family of supporters, please join us! Stay ahead of the curve on food innovation with our newsletter, and check us out on Facebook and Twitter!

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