GFI's 2019 New Year Resolutions
As we welcome another year, we are more optimistic than ever about the future of food. 

In 2019, together we will:
  • Develop sustainable seafood innovations to improve the health of our oceans;
  • Fund additional cutting-edge scientific research and development;
  • Work to build the strongest possible global ecosystem of plant-based and clean meat startups;
  • Publish open-source scientific and technical papers to advance understanding of the vast potential of food innovation;
  • Push for better options and promotion of plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy in grocery stores and restaurants;
  • Ensure that the biggest food corporations in the world are plugged into the plant-based and clean meat revolution;
  • Fight for a level playing field in Congress and regulatory agencies for plant-based and cell-based products;
  • Host the best plant-based and clean meat conference the world has ever seen;
  • Continue our expansion into Europe, Israel, India, Brazil, and Asia-Pacific; and
  • Continue putting plant-based and cell-based products into the public consciousness through speaking engagements and proactive outreach to the media.
Or put another way: In 2019, GFI will continue to harness the power of food innovation and markets to transform industrial animal agriculture for good.

We hope you know that GFI’s ability to create a sustainable, healthy, and just food system is only possible with you by our side. Because of your steadfast support, we’re another year closer to a new future of food.

2019, here we come!

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