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6 Picks for a Plant-Based Thanksgiving
Tofurky time has come around at last! This year, I’m particularly grateful for my family, my ability to enjoy nature, and my health (specifically my high-functioning taste buds). 

Serving up delicious food seems like a good representation of my gratitude. Accidentally giving my family food poisoning by feeding them an under-cooked dead bird? Not so much. Animal farming is bad for planetary health too, which hardly matches my intention to be a good steward of the environment. 

With this in mind, I’ve had a (not so) revolutionary thought: What if I could get just as much joy and much less cognitive dissonance by imbibing in egg-free nog and plant-based meat as I could loading up on animal products?

[Until clean turkey is on the shelves, anyway!]   

I bet that in the same way we think European settlers had wack idea about Thanksgiving staples (clams?), we will soon have the same thought about putting the products of factory farming on the table. 

But enough theorizing. Let’s talk taste! To keep things interesting, I propose we start with a drink: 

Silk’s Original Nog 
Warning: Do not chug. This flavor-forward, nutmeg-and-vanilla nog is spot on, and since it’s slightly thinner than the eggy soup that is animal-based nog, it’s hard to remember moderation. Enjoy responsibly, my friends. 

So Delicious Holiday Nog 

This thick, nutmeg-flecked varietal is the bomb. I almost felt bad about its decadence until I realized it contained less than a fourth of the calories contained in egg nog. That is indeed something to be thankful for. Cheers to you, So Delicious. 

Pecan Malk Nog 

This nog is more exclusive than most, with limited distribution in select states. Nonetheless, I’m putting it on this list because I’m a sucker for people who do things a little differently, and Malk’s use of cold-pressed pecan milk fits the bill. This toasty rendition is a departure from your classic nog – and you’re going to be happy about that once the graham cracker-and-caramelized sugar flavors flood your system. 
Enough with the pregaming. Let’s get to the meat of the matter. 

It’s turkey time. 
Okay, good, now that you’ve made sure your turkey is well-fed and safe, we can refocus on dinner. First: 

Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry En Croute 
Phyllo dough encrusted. Nutty. Sweet. Savory. This is the roast I’m using to impress my grandmother. No, I don’t intend to tell her that I didn’t make it myself. And yes, I am absolutely positive she won’t miss having a relic of industrialized farming on the table. 

Tofurky Ham Roast with Extra Special Beer Glaze 
I know, I know – you’re already nogged up, but this shouldn’t put you over the edge. This roast is smoky-sweet with a kick provided by an organic brewery located a few miles from Tofurky HQ. Save a few center slices for yourself to sample the full extent of this salty, juicy plant-based meat. 

Gardein Holiday Roast 
This perennial favorite comes complete with cranberry wild rice stuffing and a delectable gravy. Gardein, thank you for making something so delicious and so difficult to mess up in the cooking process! Stressed hosts everywhere appreciate you, as do their hungry guests.

Now go forth and enjoy your delicious plant-based feasts, loyal readers! I'll be having an extra serving in your honor.

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