Addressing Our Peak Meat Problem at IFT
The International Food Technologists (IFT) Conference is the largest gathering of food scientists in the states. And this year, experts were asking if we’ve reached “peak meat.” 

(Is that even a question?)

To address this elephant (cow?) in the room, IFT put plant-based and clean meat prominently on the agenda, led by presentations from The Good Food Institute’s senior scientists! The winds are shifting, and food tech conversations are no longer completely dominated by talk about flavors and preservatives. Now, it’s about saving the world. 

For context, when our science team attended the conference last year, people were asking if clean meat and "cultured meat" were the same thing, and if the production method had something to do with yogurt. Now, this groundbreaking solution is being recognized as the future of food. 

Senior Scientist Dr. Liz Specht convened IFT's first-ever panel on clean meat, which gave the audience an insider's perspective on the development of an entirely new food sector. Liz was joined by Dr. Eric Schulze of Memphis Meats and Rebecca Cross, Esq, who spoke on the regulatory pathway for this innovative production method. 
Next up, Senior Scientist Christie Lagally gave an interactive talk on the IFT NEXT stage about scaling up the production of plant-based meat to address the dramatic increase in protein consumption expected by 2050. 
As Christie told FoodDive,“People ask me a lot if it’s going to be better to grow the clean meat industry or the plant-based industry, and my answer is I think they’re the same industry.” 
Preach, Christie! 

It’s going to take innovation on multiple fronts to completely transform the meat industry and end factory farming. 

Wish you could have attended? Well, you're in luck! You can check out Christie’s full talk below, and click here if you want to read up on all the work we do at The Good Food Institute! 

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