Americans Want to Ban Slaughter – But Love Meat
Americans want a ban on slaughterhouses. They also want to eat meat. 

A new study on consumer attitudes toward animal farming commissioned by the Sentience Institute and conducted by the research firm Ipsos Group found a remarkable level of consensus against current meat production methods among U.S. consumers. Take a look at these numbers:

  • 47 percent supported banning slaughterhouses 
  • 33 percent supported banning all animal farming 
  • 69 percent identified animal agriculture as one of the most important social issues in the world today 

Still, the vast majority of Americans eat meat every day, and many at every meal. This could be partially explained by the widespread belief among consumers (75% of survey participants) that they exclusively consume humanely raised animals. This is in direct opposition with government census data confirming that only one percent of farm animals are raised outside of factory farming operations. 
This begs the question: How do we decouple factory farming and animal slaughter from meat production and alleviate this cognitive dissonance? I’ll defer to the comment shared with One Green Planet by Jacy Reese, Sentience Institute research director, stating that “clean meat could be a tipping point that will shift the U.S. food system in line with public values.” 
In fact, 53 percent of survey respondents said they would prefer to eat clean meat instead of animal-based meat, assuming price parity. 
[ICYMI: Clean meat is real animal meat produced outside of an animal, sans slaughter] 
At The Good Food Institute, we have no doubt that once consumers are presented with meat that doesn’t require animal slaughter but tastes and costs the same as factory-farmed meat, there will be no contest. We’re looking forward to the end of industrial farming and the achievement of our collective desire to treat animals and the environment well while still eating the foods we’re used to. 
While we prepare for clean meat to hit the shelves, GFI is also working to make plant-based meats as delicious, affordable, and accessible as its animal-based counterparts.
Welcome to the next agricultural revolution, my friends. It’s going to be one that people and animals can celebrate together. 
To learn more about GFI’s work to end factory farming and replace it with healthy, humane, and sustainable alternatives, click here! To read the full study conducted by the Sentience Institute and review its methodology, click here

Image: we animals

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