Berkeley’s Back!
Last year, The Good Food Institute designed the world’s first course on the topic of plant-based meat. Well, we’re back at it, y’all! 
In collaboration with UC-Berkeley’s Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, GFI is launching the second iteration of our semester-long course on the plant-based meat industry, which dives into the engineering needs and business opportunities in the expanding market for animal-free food innovation. 

Lead Professor Ricardo San Martin and Berkeley Plant-Based Challenge student Fidencio Tamayo–Gonzalez, loving life 
Student groups will compete for a $5,000 prize to help launch their ventures in the real world, in addition to mentorship from venture capitalists and industry leaders. The course will be sponsored by Givaudan, a leading flavoring company who will be offering expertise to help students create the perfect tasting plant-based meat. 
Last year’s two winning groups solved flavoring problems with plant-based fish (thank goodness) and addressed engineering constraints associated with the most common machinery used to produce plant-based meat. Other top-notch ideas included low-cost plant-based meats for schools, blended burgers, and apps to encourage meat reduction by gamifying more plant-based meat consumption. 
Solving the puzzle of improved plant-based meat production is intriguing in and of itself, but the critical issues driving this innovation are even more compelling. 
Producing meat is one of the most environmentally destructive industries on the planet, and the costs of breeding, raising, and slaughtering animals has negative consequences for public health (hello heart disease and antibiotic resistance), global poverty (did you know that animal agriculture jacks up the price of grains, creating competition for food between farm animals and the world’s poor?), and for animals (I don’t think this requires additional explanation). 

In this course, students will have a chance to address these global problems by creating real-world, actionable solutions. Stay tuned to see how these students tackle some of the biggest problems facing humanity today with food innovation. 

We can’t wait to see where this semester leads! 

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