Cellular Ag’s First Global Conference
This month, the Good Food Institute team attended the first-ever global conference on cellular agriculture. We ate some great food, met some incredible people, and added our voice to the conversation on the future of our food supply. 

It was overwhelming to meet so many clean-meat superstars and hear about all of the progress being made in the field, but we managed to whittle the New Harvest 2016 experience down to a few key highlights.

The biggest takeaway? Hope. 

Left to right: Rebecca Chesney, Institute for the Future; Paul Mozdiak, NC State University; Marianne Ellis, Bath University; Mark Post, Mosa Meats and Maastricht University

Executive Director Bruce Friedrich:

“The best part for me was having so many forward-thinking game changers in one place. The panels were interesting, but I especially appreciated the long networking lunch and time after the official session, during which I was able to speak at some length and in person with people I’ve spent so much time emailing and speaking with on the phone, like Memphis Meats CEO Uma Valeti, Mosa Meats founder Mark Post, and so many other people who are focused on improving the world through food technology.”

Bruce photobombs Kristie Middleton (HSUS), Alexis Fox (Lighter), and Caroline Love (Hampton Creek)

Senior Advisor Milena Esherick:

“I loved that everyone I met at the conference was SO excited about GFI and wanted to connect with me to learn more. I've never been approached by more people—everyone knows about GFI! The day started off with a bang when I got to socialize with Mark Post and our own Bruce Friedrich during breakfast and listen to Mark share his recent experience at a conference for hog farmers. Mark had been invited to speak, which is incredibly hopeful, and he appeared to be well-received, especially from the next, younger generation of farmers who want to do things differently and better. Listening in on this conversation and hearing about all of Mark's academic connections gave me tremendous hope for the future! Also, Senior Scientist Christie Lagally and I did acro-yoga in my living room, which was pretty memorable!

Milena with Kevin Galligan, host of The Food Center

Senior Scientist Liz Specht:

“The most incredible part was seeing how much energy there was in the room. At New Harvest, the room was just a buzz of conversations and they could hardly get us back in our seats to move on with the show! The discussions continued even as the stage was being disassembled. It was clear that this groundbreaking event was so desperately needed in this rapidly growing field—kudos to New Harvest for bringing us all together!”

Cheesin' scientists: Christie Lagally (left) and Liz Specht (right)

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Chris Kerr:

“Rarely is the food good at any conference. This one was an exception. My favorite moment was walking up to the lunch box line for the second time with Stray Dog Capital’s co-founder, Chuck Laue, pretending like school children that it was our first round.”

Sorry about that one, fellow conference-goers. 

This is how the future of food happens. Chris Kerr is ready to taste it.

To hear about GFI’s work to promote cellular agriculture and a healthier, more humane, and more sustainable food supply, visit our website. I promise we’re involved for more reasons than just the awesome food, though we're not complaining about the perks. 

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