Improved Nature Makes Its Retail Debut in NYC
The plant-based retail market just got a little bit bigger — and better. Improved Nature is making its retail debut at over 300 ShopRite stores in the New York metropolitan area with a line of plant-based chicken nuggets, filets, and tenders.

The company joins a slew of others jumping into the plant-based retail market, but it’s bringing a little something extra to our plates — a new manufacturing process that allows it to replicate whole muscle meat for a better bite experience.

Their proprietary manufacturing process, known as low-moisture extrusion, is an innovation among plant-based protein products. GFI associate director of corporate engagement Caroline Bushnell said, “This is a really exciting development. Whole muscle is the holy grail of plant-based meat.”

Improved Nature's Tenders | Source: Improved Nature

With the plant-based meat market growing at a rapid rate, Improved Nature’s manufacturing process may forge a path for further plant-based protein innovation and category growth.

Caroline Bushnell concluded, “With the wide range of innovative plant-based meats coming to retail, I expect we'll see plant-based meat quickly gaining market share and taking a real bite out of the meat category.”

Improved Nature’s innovation represents more than just manufacturing. By increasing the availability of plant-based products in retail, new products like this enhance consumers’ experience with plant-based meat, broadening its appeal to flexitarians and meat-eaters alike. Continued innovations in the plant-based space bring us that much closer to a sustainable food system that works better for everyone.

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