BlueNalu Sets Sail with $4.5M in Seed Investment
BlueNalu, a startup developing technology to grow seafood directly from fish cells (i.e., cellular aquaculture™), just closed a $4.5 million seed round, only two months after announcing their launch.

This is one of the largest seed round investments in a clean meat company to date. It’s an impressive testament to the growing momentum of global interest in clean meat. New Crop Capital led the round with a diverse coalition of 25 venture organizations and individuals from around the world.

BlueNalu President & CEO Lou Cooperhouse notes, “We are very grateful for the tremendous interest in BlueNalu from both the financial and mission-driven venture community, and we are extremely pleased by the global reach and diversity of the investors in our seed round. This level of funding will allow us to aggressively develop our technology platform and the commercialization strategy required for product manufacture.”

BlueNalu’s cellular aquaculture process will ultimately help create a seafood industry that is more sustainable for the planet and healthier for consumers. Their investors are buying into a future where cellular aquaculture will displace the industry practices where fish are wild-caught or farmed.

This would be displacement to celebrate. (Eureka!!)

As Cooperhouse puts it, “It’s time to rethink seafood and how we can sustainably feed our global population in the decades ahead.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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