GFI Goes to Israel to End Factory Farming
At The Good Food Institute, we talk a lot about technology that will end our reliance on factory farming for food – a reliance that has caused tremendous damage to our planet and public health (not to mention its effect on farm animals). 
Clean meat is one such technology, and it has the potential to completely transform animal agriculture as we know it. 

But for this incredibly promising technology to achieve its world-changing impact, it has to scale up to become competitive on the marketplace against products that are highly subsidized. That’s going to require focused collaboration between scientists and entrepreneurs, and amongst governmental, academic, and nonprofit entities.

Good thing there’s a conference on the horizon designed for all of these parties to meet and direct their efforts toward commercializing clean meat as efficiently as possible! 
On May 7, The Modern Agriculture Foundation will be hosting “The Path to Commercialization” conference in Haifa, Israel. 
Professor Mark Post – GFI advisor and creator of the world’s first clean meat burger – will be giving the keynote lecture on scientific hurdles to producing clean meat at large scale. GFI Senior Scientist Dr. Liz Specht will be presenting on our Technology Readiness Assessments (TRAs), and how this tool can be used to efficiently direct research efforts for maximum progress. GFI Executive Director Bruce Friedrich will be chairing a panel on the other question on everyone’s mind beyond commercialization: Will people eat it once it’s available? 
[Initial thoughts on that topic found here
It’s time to move clean meat from small scale to global norm, before thousands more die from foodborne illnesses and antibiotic-resistant pathogens, and before our planet’s land, water, and atmosphere is polluted beyond the point of recovery. 
Don’t want to sit on the sidelines? Then register here and join the conversation (discount for students)! 
Thinking about starting a clean meat company yourself? Then read up on what we do at GFI and how we support entrepreneurs and scientists working to change food and change the world. You can also learn more about the four critical technologies involved in commercializing clean meat right here.

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