Double Your Gift’s Impact and Fuel GFI’s International Work this Giving Tuesday
Update: Your gift was a visionary vote for real solutions to global food insecurity, climate change, antibiotic resistance, and animal suffering. Thanks to you, we raised $77,022 to take good food global. Suzy and Jack are so inspired by your generosity that they've decided to match every dollar you donated, for a grand total of $154,044.

Thank you so much! Your gift will be put to work immediately to accelerate developments in plant-based and clean meat innovation in India, Asia Pacific, Brazil, Europe, and Israel.

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Today, Giving Tuesday, our dear friends Suzy and Jack Welch are challenging the GFI family with a 24-hour matching campaign to raise a total of $100,000 to take good food global. Every donation made to GFI before midnight will be doubled—up to $50,000—and will help fuel GFI’s international work.

GFI’s international team advances plant-based and clean meat industries around the globe in markets where planet-friendly protein is most urgently needed, where innovation is most promising, or where resources can be leveraged most effectively! 

I’ll let our international managing directors give you the inside scoop:

Managing Director of Asia Pacific Elaine Siu is working to build a good food ecosystem in markets where the ripple effect of consumer behavior can create powerful currents in the global economy. Read more from Elaine about the rising tide of plant-based innovation in China. 

Managing Director of India Varun Deshpande has been working to foster scientific research and government engagement to help India’s “leapfrog” economy skip over the outdated system of widespread conventional animal agriculture. Check out Varun’s work on why India is a priority for plant-based and clean meat innovation.

Managing Director of Israel Or Benjamin is focused on leveraging Israel’s veg-forward culture, innovative spirit, and research infrastructure to accelerate plant-based and clean meat technology that will be invaluable for entrepreneurs around the world. Get Or’s perspective on how the good food movement can harness the “Startup Nation.”

Managing Director of Brazil Gustavo Guadagnini is identifying untapped market potential for plant-based foods in one of the world’s most meat-loving countries—and home to the Amazon (which is continuously being deforested to create more land to graze cattle and grow feed crops). Explore the insights from GFI-Brazil’s recent consumer survey: 60 million Brazilians are choosing plant-based foods.

In short, a gift to GFI is a vote to feed the world sustainably by eliminating the environmental, economic, and ethical burdens of conventional animal agriculture. Join us this Giving Tuesday to create a better food future!

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