Dunkin’ Debuts Beyond Breakfast Sausage Sandwich
UPDATE October 21, 2019: Dunkin' Donuts' test of the Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich has been so successful that Dunkin' is adding the new item out at all 9,000+ locations nationally. The national launch was initially slated for January 2020, but they're fast-tracking the rollout for November 6, 2019, due to the Beyond Breakfast Sausage sandwich's outsized success. 

The Beyond Breakfast Sausage is making its U.S. fast-food debut! Dunkin’ Donuts is partnering with Beyond Meat to begin serving up the Beyond Sausage Breakfast sandwich at 163 locations across Manhattan.

The new breakfast sandwich is a classic sausage, egg, and cheese on an English muffin. In their press statement, Dunkin’ highlights the menu addition as a sustainability win, “In addition to offering a patty with 10 grams of plant-based protein, the new sandwich helps Dunkin' deliver the better-for-the-planet environmental benefits of plant-based protein.”

With this new item, Dunkin’ joins leading fast-food chains like Burger King, White Castle, and A&W Canada in adding plant-based meat to their menus. And it’s no wonder! Consumers have a growing appetite for plant-based foods: U.S. retail sales of plant-based foods grew by 31 percent in the past two years

The new Beyond Breakfast Sausage sandwich | Source: PR Newsfoto/Dunkin’

Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown said, “Partnering with [Dunkin’] as the first U.S. restaurant chain to serve Beyond Breakfast Sausage represents not only an exciting moment for both of our companies, but a big step forward in making plant-based meat accessible and easy to enjoy, even while on-the-go.”

With its large national presence, Dunkin’s new breakfast option is an opportunity to enhance the availability of plant-based options to the hungry morning commuter. Dunkin’ plans to launch the Beyond Breakfast Sausage sandwich nationally in the future.

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