Episode One: Plant-Based Berkeley
This semester, The Good Food Institute and The Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SCET) launched the world’s first course on plant-based meats. We’ll be bringing you updates as students work to take their plant-based solutions from the classroom out into the world. For more background on the class, read up here. 

Chef Dave Anderson is the founder and CEO of Outstanding Foods, the creative force behind the acclaimed Madeleine Bistro in Southern California, and the former executive chef of research and development for plant-based powerhouse Beyond Meat. 

You might recognize him as the chef from Memphis Meats’ viral video from last year, where he cooked up the first-ever meatball produced with clean meat technology.

A lesser-known fact: Anderson is also a former Big Mac fanatic, so he has a personal stake in making sure plant-based meats are delicious and affordable enough to satisfy meat-lovers.

 Anderson visited Berkeley to school students on the challenges and opportunities in this burgeoning industry, and why it’s worth it for entrepreneurs to invest their creativity in finding sustainable solutions for our food system:
“A lot of people look at this as a problem: the growing population and the diminishing resources and the growing demand for meat products,” Anderson said. “As an entrepreneur, you can also look at it as an incredible opportunity.”

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Creating improved plant-based meat is indeed an incredible opportunity to address some of our biggest global challenges while tapping into an enormous market opportunity. Lux Research predicts that alternative proteins will take up more than a third of the entire protein market by 2054. In other words, plant-based meats may soon represent a $70 billion industry, and Berkeley students are receiving a prime opportunity to get in on the ground floor. 
(A hugely popular, half-billion-dollar ground floor, that is) 
As an industry veteran, Anderson was able to map out the pathway for student entrepreneurs to go from ideation to formulation, touching on everything from ingredients, texture, and seasoning, to packaging and product placement.

And to answer your question, yes, there were samples of Beyond Meat’s chicken strips, and yes, you’re not alone in wishing you could take this class too. 



Stay tuned to hear what business plans student groups propose in the coming weeks – we’re looking forward to seeing them put Anderson’s advice to work! 
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