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Ezra Klein Talks Humane Food Tech
Ezra Klein, media mogul and founder of Vox news, has hosted heavyweights like Hillary Clinton, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Arianna Huffington on his podcast, The Ezra Klein Show. 

But when asked on a recent podcast what three ideas and interviewees have truly changed his beliefs over the course of The Ezra Klein Show, the first person he mentioned was Bruce Friedrich, executive director of The Good Food Institute. 

Bruce’s thoughts on dietary pragmatism and the future of meat struck a chord with him, and Ezra had some powerful words to share about the choice our society now faces. 

[Check out the original podcast with Bruce here

Ezra stated what we at GFI deeply believe: “Culture often changes in response to technology. And I think the technology around meat is changing dramatically.”


With the help of products from companies like Beyond Meat, Gardein, Impossible Foods, and Hampton Creek, Ezra stated that people are now being presented with more options than ever to help them cut animal products out of their diets. 
There’s a lot of stuff out there that’s making it much, much easier to be vegetarian or vegan now, and that stuff is only going to get better. Our ability to create plant-based meats; our ability to create [clean] meat eventually. It’s in those moments the culture really changes. When it all the sudden becomes really easy to be vegetarian, then it’s easier for people to get up on their soapbox like I am here and say that it’s time to be vegetarian. 
In 50 to 100 years, Ezra continues, it’s going to seem unimaginable that people living during our time would still eat animal products, when “we knew that the ways we were treating animals were so horrific, we were literally passing laws to make it illegal to videotape it.” He adds that this will be especially damning in light of the technological advancements that have been made to make plant-based products more delicious and widely available. 

I think people will look at us right now and say there was no reason for them to be doing that [eating animal products]. That was a choice that they could have made differently. And I think we will be judged as a society very harshly for that.
To avoid the condemnation of future generations while ensuring that our planet can indeed still support future generations, why not swap out the beef in your burrito with some Beyond Meat crumbles? Your grandchildren will thank you. 
Thanks for the call to action, Ezra. And thanks for bringing the future of meat up again with another one of our favorite podcast hosts, Tim Ferriss! 
[You can hear Ezra and Tim talk about our mission here
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