Food Tech Learns from Medicine
Two foodies walk into a biomedical conference… (but really). 

Each year, the Scale Up conference has brought together virtually every major player in regenerative medicine to discuss the future of cell-based therapies. So what were GFI’s senior scientists doing at this biomedical conference? 
It turns out the same technology some medical professionals use to treat disease can be applied differently to produce meat without slaughter. The world is full of surprises, isn’t it? 
Our scientific team is working to encourage collaboration between this well-established medical industry and the emergent clean meat industry. These industries not only have overlapping technologies, but also overlapping goals: to improve human health with new scientific discoveries. 
This overlap was clear when our scientists took second-place in the conference-wide poster competition – for a presentation about the ways the regenerative medicine industry could help scale up the production of clean meat for commercialization. 
The medical community has plenty of reasons to get involved: Tens of millions of Americans get sick every year from eating contaminated meat, and thousands die. Additionally, our current methods of meat production are a major factor in the development of antibiotic resistant superbugs. 
Clean meat is a contamination-free, antibiotic-free solution to this global public health crisis, and the biomedical industry is perfectly positioned to lend a hand.

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