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Get Food Innovation at SxSW!
The Good Food Institute has pulled together a panel to spread the word about the future of food at South by Southwest in Austin this spring! The session is titled Food Technology Will Save the World. And nope, we don’t think that’s hyperbole. If you want to see our session on the agenda, vote here! Polls are closing on Friday, August 25, so hop on it! 

The star-studded panel will include GFI executive director Bruce Friedrich, Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown, Lighter CEO Alexis Fox, and Memphis Meats Manager of Communications & Sustainability David Kay.  

Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, The Good Food Institute

Most of you reading this probably know at least a little about The Good Food Institute. If not, nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by! GFI is a nonprofit that’s committed to supporting food innovation that will end factory farming and all of its harms. Bruce leads our team of scientists, policy experts, entrepreneurs, and more as we work to design a food system that better serves people and the planet (and animals, to boot). For more details on our work, check out our Annual Report here

Okay, enough about us. On to the other panelists! 


Ethan Brown, CEO, Beyond Meat 

Ethan Brown is the CEO of the next great American meat company, but with a twist. Beyond Meat is replicating the taste, texture, and aroma people associate with good-ole-fashioned summer burger bashes – just with plants, not cows! Healthy, humane, and sustainable eating never tasted so good. And plant-based meat never seemed so at home at a barbecue. 

Alexis Fox, Chief Empowerment Officer, Lighter (center)

Lighter is a tech platform that empowers consumers to make better food choices by creating personalized and plant-based meal plans, complete with recipes and grocery lists – ensuring that this food revolution is accessible to anyone with any budget or schedule. If you want to step up your game, you can get recipe recommendations from chefs, health gurus, and athletes (Lighter even has a former NFL player offering recommendations!). Fun fact: Lighter was recently tapped as the online meal-planning platform to accompany Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey’s new book, “The Whole Foods Diet". 

David Kay, Manager, Communications & Sustainability, Memphis Meats (far right)

David Kay is one of the most senior members of the Memphis Meats team: one of the most innovative food companies the world has seen to date. Again, not hyperbole: Memphis Meats is aiming to fundamentally transform the 10,000-year-old, trillion-dollar meat industry for the better. Memphis Meats was the first company in the world to debut chicken that was produced without breeding, raising, or slaughtering any animals. Boom.

Each of these panelists are on the cutting edge of innovations that will end factory farming and put in place a healthier, more humane, and more sustainable food system in its stead. As such, they’re the perfect people to address the questions we’re posing in the panel: 

  1. How far away are we from having clean meat on the market, and what’s the latest on next-generation plant-based meat innovation?
  2. If someone wants to disrupt industrialized animal agriculture, what is the best path for them to take—what are the opportunities? 
  3. What is the story behind two of the most innovative and successful plant-based and clean meat companies in the world, Beyond Meat and Memphis Meats?
Want to know the answers? Then go vote for our panel already! Check it out here

See you at SxSW, friends! 

Ethan Brown photo cred: Emily Berl, New York Times

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