GFI Brings Beyond Burger to Capitol Hill!
At GFI, we’re shouting the message about the future of food from the mountaintops. 
This time, we picked a hill instead—Capitol Hill. 

In an event that was attended by both Republicans and Democrats, House members and Senate staff, GFI and Beyond Meat teamed up to introduce Capitol Hill to the future of food. Apparently people are hungry for the future Beyond Meat is serving up, since attendees began arriving well ahead of time! 
Congressman Brendan Boyle addresses the crowd. Honorary hosts included Senator Cory Booker, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Congressman Ted Deutch, Congressman Jamie Raskin, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Congressman Ted Lieu, and the Congressional Vegetarian Staff Association.

Products like the Beyond Burger are not only solutions to enormous global problems such as food security and environmental protection, they are also promoting business growth while meeting consumer demand. 
At GFI, we think it’s critical that policymakers are aware of this game-changing opportunity to support positive innovation that unites people from every political perspective. And, as it turns out, the Beyond Burger unites people from across the aisle of both Congress and the grocery store! 

GFI Executive Director Bruce Friedrich (left) stands with Beyond Meat Executive Chairman Seth Goldman (middle), and Representative Jamie Raskin. 

As one attendee vehemently stated on the way in, he had “never had a veggie burger in his life.” Yet, he was intrigued by Beyond Meat’s new way of thinking of meat in terms of composition, not origin. As another group was leaving, they stopped by GFI’s desk to confirm that there was in fact, no trace of cow in the burger they just sampled. 
I would call that a win. 

Beyond Meat Founder and CEO Ethan Brown is making meat more sustainable – by making it directly from plants

By supporting the burgeoning market for alternative proteins and funding research and development for improved protein production, policy action can enable business innovation while increasing consumer choice, conserving resources, and strengthening our food system. 

It’s time to unite to build a better food system. And thanks to the team at Beyond Meat and other food-system innovators like them, the future is looking bright.

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