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GFI Earns Top Charity Status
After a rigorous process involving review of our strategic plan, financials, staff goals and outcomes compared to where we were a year ago, multiple interviews with leadership and anonymous conversations with multiple staff members, we are delighted to share that the charity research group Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) has determined that GFI is one of the three best philanthropic outlets for animal protection. 

ACE endorses GFI in part because of our unique strategies for improving the food system. While animal advocacy organizations have for many years focused on encouraging dietary behavior change, ACE agrees with GFI that developing and promoting delicious, price competitive, and easily accessible alternatives to animal products is a highly promising way to transform industrial animal agriculture for the better.

ACE Executive Director Jon Bockman explains:

Based on ACE’s thorough analysis, we are convinced that GFI is one of the three best nonprofits for donors looking to maximize their positive impact for animals. We are impressed by GFI’s leadership, strategy, transparency, and commitment to metrics and accountability. GFI is highly focused on removing animals from industrial agriculture, and ACE is pleased to recommend donating to them.

GFI joins Animal Equality and The Humane League for ACE’s Top Charity recommendation.

As a nonprofit founded on the principles of effective altruism, we’re honored to earn ACE’s prestigious Top Charity rating. You can read ACE’s full evaluation of GFI here.

To help us create a food system that benefits people, the planet, and animals, please consider joining our family of supporters! And to learn more about GFI’s work, check out what we do

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