GFI Event Takes Pulse of Plant Meat
From field to plate, The Good Food Institute is hard at work to build sustainability into the system as we transform the way meat is made. 

When it comes to plant-based meat, a key factor in this is to look at the vast and underexplored world of plant-protein sourcing. For instance, pulses like chickpeas and lentils are sustainability superheroes, but the supply chain for these products is not well-connected to the plant-based meat industry. 

Does anyone else see an opportunity here? 

To address this need, The Good Food Institute is collaborating with The American Pulse Association to host a first-of-its-kind workshop on innovative uses of pulses for plant-based meat!

This event, taking place in Oakland over three days in late January, brings together invited professionals from academia, industry, and government to discuss all stages of plant-based meat product development and the rapid advancement of this industry. 

In this collaborative and interactive event, participants will work together to outline a roadmap for research funding as well as business development for food innovators. 

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