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GFI Named Top Charity
The Good Food Institute is one of the three most effective and impactful charities in the U.S., according to Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), an independent research organization that was founded with a goal of determining the most effective way to help the maximum number of animals.

GFI earned ACE’s “top charity” recommendation, alongside Mercy For Animals and The Humane League. 

ACE explains its work this way: 

ACE researches interventions and organizations to determine the most effective ways to help animals. This includes using our rigorous evaluation criteria to evaluate the methods employed by various organizations as well as their own strategy and structure. We use our findings to educate the public about where to give their time and money.

About the Good Food Institute, ACE founder and executive director Jon Bockman says, “GFI has an impressive, strategic approach to the cultivation and promotion of competitive alternatives to animal-based meat, dairy, and eggs. Their strong vision and leadership suggests that they will play a crucial role in this groundbreaking effort.”

Studies consistently show that the primary factors in any consumer’s eating choices are taste, price, and convenience. In order to compete with animal products based on the factors that actually guide consumer choice, the Good Food Institute is focused on working to make plant-based and “clean” meat, dairy, and eggs as delicious, price-competitive, and convenient as possible. 

To read ACE’s updated recommendations, please click here. And check out ACE’s full evaluation of GFI here!

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