GFI Named Top Charity for Third Year Running
Major news! GFI has been named a 2018 top charity by Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), an independent organization that does a deep dive analysis of animal charities around the world to figure out which are doing the most good possible for animals. We are honored to be recognized as one of the four most effective organizations working to create a better world for animals.

ACE Managing Director Sofia Davis-Fogel said, “For the third year in a row—following an in-depth evaluation of their strategy, transparency, impact, and workplace culture—ACE is delighted to recommend The Good Food Institute as a Top Charity. We are impressed with their unique focus on using food innovation and markets to make a better world. GFI is a highly effective nonprofit for donors seeking to replace industrial animal agriculture with sustainable and humane alternatives.”

GFI strives to make plant-based and clean meat the easiest, least expensive, and most delicious choice for people around the world. Research consistently demonstrates that price, taste, and convenience, are the most influential factors in consumer decision-making. Therefore reaching (and surpassing) parity on these metrics is essential for driving mainstream adoption of kinder, sustainable protein. To support and accelerate progress in this direction, GFI focusses on:
  • Removing scientific obstacles and closing critical research gaps for plant-based and clean meat development;

  • Ensuring that plant-based and clean meat have a level playing field in the market; and

  • Stoking entrepreneur, academic, government, investor, and corporate interest to usher more talent and resources into these industries.
GFI leverages food innovation and markets to reduce market demand for animal slaughter and feed 9.7 billion people sustainably by 2050. GFI is powered entirely by the generosity of our family of supporters. ACE's thorough review and commendation of our work confirm that a gift to GFI is among the most effective and efficient ways to remove animals from industrial systems and create a better food future.

And tomorrow, on Giving Tuesday, our dear friends Suzy and Jack Welch will make every donated dollar go twice as far, twice as fast, to reduce animal suffering: every gift to GFI on November 27th will be doubled—up to a total of $50,000.

By nourishing our global growing population with planet-friendly protein, we can use resources more efficiently, address food security and food safety challenges, mitigate climate change and antibiotic resistance, and eliminate the demand for industrialized animal slaughter.

Read ACE’s blog post here, and check out their in-depth evaluation of GFI here. 

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