GFI on The Rich Roll Podcast!
“Beyond wasteful. Utterly unsustainable. Indefensibly cruel. Ladies and gentleman, our food system is in dire need of innovation.”
 –Rich Roll, plant-based ultra-endurance athlete, podcast host, and wonderful human. 

This week, GFI executive director Bruce Friedrich paid a visit to the Rich Roll Podcast to get candid about the problems in our food system and the need for some serious transformation. 
As Rich puts it, “On the surface, what commonly call ‘factory farming’ appears incredibly efficient, creating massive economies of scale. But peer just below the surface and you’ll discover a vast operation of mass suffering that is irreparably polluting the environment, eviscerating our dwindling natural resources and destroying human health to boot. 

At GFI, we’re working to ensure that healthy, humane, and sustainable foods are the beneficiaries of economies of scale, instead of the devastating products of factory farming. That is, we’re making sure that plant-based meat, dairy, and eggs achieve maximum success on the marketplace while we work to accelerate the commercialization of the products of cellular agriculture, in which real animal products can be made without breeding, raising, or slaughtering animals. 
[Not magic; science. Check it.] 
This is a deep dive into the entrenched problems in our food system, and how leveraging the power of markets and food technology can fix what is broken. 

Listen on, loyal readers. And to learn more about GFI's work, check out what we do

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