GFI to FDA: Act Now on Dairy Debate!
There’s a legal debate raging over the definition of dairy, and it just might change the fridge of the future. 

Right now, the dairy industry is trying to bar producers of products like almond milk, cashew cheese, and coconut yogurt from using the words “milk,” “cheese,” and “yogurt” on their labels. Basically, this amounts to the dairy industry lashing out at its increasingly popular competition. 
But did you know the Soyfoods Association (SFA) has already been waiting a full 20 years for the FDA to clarify its stance on plant-based milk naming? I know patience is a virtue, but at some point everyone has a limit! At The Good Food Institute, we’re certainly tired of waiting. 
That’s why our policy team has stepped in to ask the FDA to finally take a position and respond to SFA’s decades-old request. 
After all, the Administrative Procedures Act requires that agencies respond to petitions in a timely manner. More than 20 years later, we think the FDA has had enough time to respond, and it should put an end to the dairy debate by clarifying its position! 
GFI is not only asking the FDA to allow the term “soymilk” to stand. We’re asking that the FDA codify its existing practice of allowing food producers to use common names that consumers recognize to describe plant-based milk, cheese, and yogurt names.  
If FDA acts in violation of the First Amendment by restricting use of terms like "soy milk," we will sue. 

Enough with this nonsense! It’s time to officially let soy milk be soy milk and stop allowing the dairy industry to bully its competition.

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