Washington Post Interviews GFI's Director
In this Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine The Good Food Institute’s executive director, Bruce Friedrich, talked about "meat breweries" and real food system change with writer Rachel Manteuffel.

                    Bruce's interview, page two of The Washington Post Magazine, July 31
From question one, Manteuffel strikes at the core of GFI’s mission, perhaps without even knowing she’s doing it. 

She asks: “Do you consider yourself an activist?”

First off, Bruce is a lot of things—he’s a venture capitalist, a nonprofit executive, an author, and more. And yes, he is an advocate for big changes in our food system. But somewhere along the way, the word “activist” became synonymous with “judgmental,” and GFI isn’t here to moralize. We’re here to support real solutions to the global crises brought on by our broken food system. We don’t just want to advocate; we want to be the change itself. And the best part is, we’ve found solutions that actually make this fix easy.

As Bruce puts it:

The Good Food Institute attempts to take ethics off the table for consumers. This is a solution to the end of the antibiotics era. This is a solution to climate change. The solution to global poverty. It seems to us that the likely solution is just to make the default choice that climate-friendly choice. 

Good food will only be the default choice if there are plenty of options on the market that are delicious, affordable, and convenient. That’s why we’re relentlessly working to support plant-based and clean (i.e., cultured) alternatives to conventional meat, dairy, and eggs. These products are cleaner, safer, and more transparent than the foods coming out of our industrial farming system. 

For more gems about GFI’s work and the future of food, check out the full Q&A. You can also learn more details about GFI’s mission at our website

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