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Good Food Institute Featured in Food Navigator
Food Navigator, a leading source of breaking news in the food industry, recently spotlighted The Good Food Institute’s executive director, Bruce Friedrich, and the exciting new developments at GFI. The article highlights GFI’s three major areas of focus: our efforts to recruit and assist scientists in biotechnology, our commitment to supporting startups and entrepreneurs in the plant-based alternative industry, and our work to increase the placement of plant-based products in the marketplace.

Food Navigator notes the upward trend in the plant-based product market, particularly the soaring plant-based milk sector, which is projected to grow by 13.3 percent in the next five years according to the BBC. The article quotes Friedrich on the challenges of bringing plant-based alternatives to a country on the “cusp of a market-revolution”:

The real challenge right now is to create vibrant market sectors for each of the plant-based alternatives to conventional animal products, so that when people go to the grocery store or eat out at a restaurant, they are just as likely to think about plant-based meat and cheese and milk as the animal-based products they regularly consume—regardless of whether they are actually vegan or vegetarian.

The time is ripe for food industry disruption. Meat consumption is declining, and science and business are driving innovation in biotechnology. Great things lie ahead for people, animals, and the planet. To learn more about the work of GFI and how we help support startups, click here.

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