Guardian: Plant-Based Meat is #1 Megatrend
Temperatures are trending up. But so are the innovations that can slow the tide of climate change. 

In a recent article, The Guardian listed seven “megatrends” that should give us all a reason to remain hopeful in the face of a shifting climate. What’s the first reason The Guardian believes the fight is not lost? Plant-based meat.  

The Guardian’s Environment editor, Damian Carrington, explains:
The world’s appetite for meat and dairy foods is rising as people’s incomes rise, but the simple arithmetic is that unless this is radically curbed, there is no way to beat global warming. The task looks daunting – people hate being told what to eat. However, just in the last year, a potential solution has burst on to the market: plant-based meat, which has a tiny environmental footprint.

Carrington is right: People don't want dietary restrictions imposed on them. Plus, “climate friendly” isn’t exactly the most enticing menu description. But plant-based meat isn’t gaining popularity because people salivate over its carbon footprint. 

 The Good Food Institute’s Director of Corporate Engagement, Alison Rabschnuk, comments in the article: 

We don’t believe [environmental friendliness] is what is going to make people eat plant-based food. We believe the products themselves need to be competitive on taste, price and convenience – the three attributes people use when choosing what to eat.

This is precisely the thesis behind The Good Food Institute: By making the foods that are best for people and the planet the most delicious, affordable, and accessible foods on the market, climate-friendly options will become the default choice, not the difficult one. 

World-saving solutions never tasted so good. 

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