Hampton Creek Makes Meat?!
Big news from The Wall Street Journal: Hampton Creek just became the next entrant into the clean meat industry!

Hampton Creek Foods Inc., the company that has made its name selling eggless mayonnaise, is carving a new niche for itself: lab-grown meat.
Hampton Creek says it has a “plant library” with species from more than 51 countries, which skilled technicians and robots test in a lab. The plants are tested to create the “media” that helps the meat cells grow in a controlled environment. “If you can’t solve the media problem, you cannot figure out a way to make it sustainable meat and seafood [that’s affordable], if not more affordable,” Mr. Tetrick said.
GFI's executive director, Bruce Friedrich, commented in Quartz: “Once we have clean meat that is cost-competitive with animal-based meat, that will be the beginning of the end of all the harms of industrial agriculture."

As one of the top-funded food tech startups ever, Hampton Creek’s decision to add clean meat to its repertoire makes a big statement. In the words of Paul Shapiro, author of a forthcoming book on clean meat and VP of policy for the Humane Society: “The fact that Hampton Creek has so many resources at its fingertips is very promising for speeding up the commercialization of clean meat."

With sustainability as its core mission, it was only a matter of time before Hampton Creek addressed the myriad environmental harms of industrialized meat production. But few expected them to break with plant-based alternatives and launch an initiative focused on growing meat directly from cells (plot twist!).

Welcome to the next agricultural revolution. 

Read the entire story for yourself, here, and if you want to learn more about clean meat technology check out our open source guide to the industry! 

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