Hampton Creek’s Just Scramble Has Arrived!
This morning, I walked down the street from my home in San Francisco to grab breakfast. On the menu? A dish that could change the multi-billion-dollar egg industry, forever. 

I had the chance to taste Hampton Creek’s long-awaited Just Scramble: a 100% plant-based product that is vastly more sustainable than any egg from a factory-farmed chicken and is free from antibiotics and cholesterol! Just Scramble gets its incredible texture and protein content from the mung bean, a legume that is lauded for its environmental friendliness and dense nutrition. On top of all of that, I can also personally attest to how insanely delicious this scramble is: 

“We were lucky enough to find something that has impacted our food system for thousands of years and turn it into a meal that will impact it for thousands more.” – Hampton Creek cofounder and CEO Josh Tetrick

The egg industry represents one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the global food system, with one trillion eggs laid last year. But this industry has serious flaws. The conditions in which egg-laying hens live present more than an animal welfare concern; tight quarters and filthy conditions leave the egg supply chain vulnerable to crippling outbreaks of avian flu and encourage the rampant and irresponsible use of antibiotics on farms.  

It doesn’t have to be this way. Chickens don't have to live in deplorable conditions. Restaurateurs don’t have to be subject to supply shortages and price jumps. And consumers don’t have to sacrifice on taste or health!  
No one in the food industry ecosystem – from farmers to restaurateurs – is wed to the idea of industrial chicken farming. Everyone is simply wed to the idea of providing good food. If a plant-based product can do that, then animal farming and all its myriad harms could become obsolete. 
With Just Scramble, Hampton Creek is doing “just” that. 

Yours truly enjoying the Just Scramble with GFI's business innovation specialist, Aylon Steinhart!

Just Scramble is being rolled out at Flore restaurant in San Francisco, with more restaurant locations to be announced in the coming weeks! For more information on today’s announcement, you can read Hampton Creek’s full press release here
As part of this landmark launch, Hampton Creek also announced new investing partners, including Radicle Impact and Blue Horizon. The company also released fresh sustainability metrics for all of its products. Hampton Creek reports that by choosing Just-branded products (like Just Mayo), consumers eliminated the need for more than 3,947,592 eggs, avoiding the emission of more than 2,500 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the equivalent of keeping more than 196,000 cars off of the road for a day!  

We’ll be sharing more details here on our blog. Stay tuned!  

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