Inside Miyoko's Kitchen
“I don’t see other (plant-based) cheese companies as competitors, I see them as collaborators. 
The real competitor is dairy.” 

- Miyoko Schinner

It all started in the early 2000s with a simple desire: Miyoko Schinner wanted to enjoy a plate of cheese and a glass of wine. At the time, there were no plant-based cheeses that fit the bill, and Miyoko, who is well-versed in the craft of French and Italian cuisine, wasn’t going to settle. 

So she decided to take the task on herself.  

Her efforts led her to found what is now the veritable vegan cheese empire known as Miyoko’s Kitchen, complete with high-end cultured nut cheeses, multiple best-selling cookbooks, and a loyal cult following. 

Bruce Friedrich and yours truly got the chance to catch up with Miyoko before she moves her Kitchen to a brand new (and much bigger) production facility in Petaluma, California.

Follow us behind the scenes in Miyoko’s Kitchen, where the magic happens!

And if you want to learn more about Miyoko's motivations for plant-based eating, check out the full interview on our video resource page!

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