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To state the obvious: starting a company is hard, and it’s nearly impossible to do on your own. Peer support, collaboration, and networking are essential components of entrepreneurial success. That’s why The Good Food Institute has launched GFIdeas—a community for forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are transforming our food system away from industrialized animal agriculture and toward a healthy, humane, and sustainable future.

GFIdeas provides entrepreneurs who are developing clean meat and plant-based products the opportunity to connect with each other on monthly calls. At each monthly call we carve out time for:
  • Introductions for the newbies to the group
  • Open table discussion to ask questions, share challenges, and get input from others in the group who’ve been through similar experiences
  • A presentation from an industry expert on a specific aspect of starting a food company (fundraising, marketing, manufacturing, and everything in between)
And because there’s no such thing as too much community building, community members can stay in touch in between monthly calls on our GFIdeas slack channel.

In the GFIdeas community, we welcome questions, tips, resources, and any discourse around founding and running a good food startup. All entrepreneurs creating innovative alternatives to animal products are welcome to join. Prospective entrepreneurs who are considering starting a company within the next 1-2 years are also welcome to join. It takes a village after all.

As with all of GFI’s support, joining the GFIdeas community is totally free. We only ask that entrepreneurs come with a willingness to engage and with the intention of helping others in addition to helping themselves. We are fostering a collaborative culture to advance the entire industry.

Okay, have we sold you on GFIdeas yet? Stellar! Just click the big orange button below to let us know a bit about what you’re working on, what your biggest challenges are, and how you can help others in the group.

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