Clean Meat Research Looking for a Home?
We’re honored to announce that GFI Senior Scientist Dr. Liz Specht has been selected as a guest editor for a special issue research topic of Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems dedicated to cellular agriculture and clean meat

(Special indeed!)
Frontiers is welcoming original research, reviews, policy briefs, and policy and practice reviews on cellular agriculture and clean meat spanning disciplines from industrial biotechnology and materials science to history and philosophy. 
If you’ve been waiting for the chance to publish your work within this unique area of inquiry, here is your chance! 

Abstract submissions are due by April 26. Contributions pertinent to scale up are of special interest, though all relevant topics will be considered. Click here for more details, and if you submit, send us a note at to let us know about your proposal. We’re excited to see – and guest edit – your work!  
Research fields highlighted by this issue of Frontiers include, but are not limited to: 

  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Large Scale Bioprocess Design 
  • Biological Engineering 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Biophysics Regulation 
  • Developmental Biology 
  • Policy Approaches 
  • Consumer Education 
  • Regulatory Implications 

Fortune favors the prepared: To orient yourself, read this overview of the clean meat industry. Then get writing! Good luck.

To learn more about GFI's work to support advances in research for clean meat, click here

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