Let's Talk Effective Altruism
Effective altruism. 
It’s a movement based on the principle that doing good is something to be looked at strategically; that through analysis, we can pinpoint specific ways to spend our time and resources to make the greatest positive impact on the planet while we’re alive. 
The Good Food Institute was founded to apply the principles of effective altruism (EA) to change our food system. In short, dietary change is a tough sell, despite the fact that our global appetite for animal products is destroying our environment and our own health. Instead of fighting the uphill battle of asking people to eat less meat, dairy, and eggs, GFI is supporting (and creating) companies that are replacing the animal products people are used to eating with alternatives that taste the same but are better for people, the planet, and animals. 
[Editor’s Note: Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), a group focused on EA approaches to animal issues, awarded GFI Top Charity Status for 2016] 
So when the EA Global Conference rolled around to San Francisco – a hotbed of good-food innovation – we weren’t about to miss it. In the middle of meeting with a remarkable group of people who are dedicated to doing the most good with their lives, our executive director, Bruce Friedrich, had a chance to sit down for a fireside chat with Paul Shapiro, author of an upcoming book on clean meat and VP of Policy for the Humane Society of the United States. 
So take a seat by the fire and listen in the story of food-system transformation, EA style:

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