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Meet Us at Maastricht
The Good Food Institute team is gearing up for the International Conference on Cultured Meat in the Netherlands, held October 9–11 and hosted by Maastricht University and New Harvest

 We hope to see you there! 

 When this conference was first held last year, GFI hadn’t even been founded. This year, we’ll be making a splash with three presentations on the future of clean meat—that is, a future in which real meat is grown outside of an animal without the need for slaughter. Our team will be tackling some of the toughest questions clean meat faces on its path to the mainstream market. 

Senior Scientist Liz Specht will focus on the use of animal-free media for large-scale production, and Senior Scientist Christie Lagally will present our scientific team’s work
 on Technology Readiness Assessments. 

 Technology Readiness Assessments are used to identify where we stand on the path to large-scale production of clean meat, which requires the intersection of multiple technologies. Christie and Liz have managed to map out all of this overlap and interplay. This assessment helps us identify areas that researchers need to focus on and encourages the co-development of multi-disciplinary technologies needed to bring clean meat to market. 

 Lastly, Executive Director Bruce Friedrich will give a presentation on clean meat and consumer acceptance, suggesting that consumer acceptance polling to date indicates that clean meat will meet with significant consumer enthusiasm once it’s actually available in the marketplace. 

Other discussion topics at the conference include involvement of the established food industry in adopting this new product and the role of governments in supporting this revolutionary movement. 

Maastricht University has been the hub of the clean meat revolution since Professor Mark Post created the first clean meat hamburger in 2003 with a grant from Google co-founder Sergey Brin, proving that the same tissue-engineering technology that’s long been in use in the medical community can be used to bring about a safer, more sustainable food future. 

 We can’t wait to see what this future holds, and we promise that GFI will be working hard to ensure that this better future for food comes sooner rather than later! 

 For more information on the International Conference on Cultured Meat, including a list of speakers and detailed schedule, visit the conference’s website

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