Memphis Meats Launches First Bite Campaign
You may remember Memphis Meats as the startup that grew the first clean meatball. Since then, thousands of people have asked them how to get involved in the movement. Now, the revolutionary company is giving its answer!

Memphis Meats just announced First Bite, a fresh Indiegogo campaign that gives supporters an opportunity to help bring clean meat products to the world and play a part in this historic movement at its earliest stages. 

Contributions to First Bite go toward a public education campaign to lay the foundation for the mainstream adoption of clean meat. Even a donation as small as three dollars (the price of a burger) will help Memphis Meats reach an estimated 50 people! And as if being a first mover in an historic movement weren’t enough, you can also get some pretty sweet swag and name recognition as a supporter of the campaign. 

If you aren’t able to contribute monetarily, there are plenty of ways you can help out:
  • Join their Thunderclap campaign
  • Post on social media with the hashtag #mmfirstbite and a link to the campaign:
  • Sign up to receive Memphis Meats' newsletter

If you do any of these things–from joining the newsletter to contributing $1 to contributing $1,000–you will get an exclusive look at Memphis Meats’ progress and will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the company's strategy and future. 

Sold yet? Then go check out their Indiegogo campaign or their website to get your "first bite" of this historic movement!

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