Merck KGaA Wants to Accelerate Your Cell-Based Meat Startup
Is your startup developing cell-based meat or supporting technologies? Merck KGaA wants to accelerate this work! Based in Darmstadt, Germany, this global leader in science and technology is accepting applications for their accelerator program through August 25th—and they’re looking for cell-based meat companies.

The Merck accelerator offers startups the opportunity to connect with global decision-makers from Merck’s headquarters in Germany and benefit from their know-how in cell line development, media development, process development, analytic testing, and much more.

Does your startup *meat* the requirements?
The Merck KGaA accelerator is accepting applications from startups that:
  • work on or with technologies that enable the economically viable, large-scale production of clean meat and seafood, such as animal component-free media, high-yield cell line development, industrial bioreactors, or automation platforms; and

  • use technologies similar to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine that enable the next generation of structured meat products, such as edible scaffolds and biomaterials, 3D cell culture processes, or 3D printing.

The 2019 Merck Accelerator cohort at the Innovation Center in Darmstadt, Germany.

What are the benefits?
Connect with worldwide decision-makers at Merck KGaA’s headquarters in Germany, and let their experience in business partnership accelerate your startup. If selected, your startup could benefit from:
  • business partnerships with promising startups to build sustainable, strong, and successful business relationships;

  • the expertise of both internal resources and a global network of over 50,000 experts in the startup space;

  • mentoring and training, including tailored coaching sessions, workshops, and mentoring by Merck’s senior management as well as internal and external experts;

  • non-equity-based funding of up to €50,000 to kickoff your collaboration project;

  • using high-tech prototyping tools at Merck’s Makerspace;

  • access to the Chinese market, with a chance to extend your stay in Merck’s China Innovation Hub; and

  • a community based in lifelong relationships with startups and internal teams.

Apply to Merck KGaA’s accelerator before August 25th, and let their experience in partnerships accelerate your cell-based meat business.

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