MorningStar Farms Joins GFI in Presenting the Good Food Conference
We are honored to have leading plant-based producer MorningStar Farms joining us as Presenting Sponsor at the Good Food Conference this September in San Francisco!

Reimagining meat production for over 40 years 

As one of the pioneers in plant-based meat, MorningStar Farms has been offering consumers across the United States veg-centric options for over four decades. In recent years MorningStar Farms has been upping their plant-based game even more, setting a new standard for major producers and making their product ranges even more inclusive and accessible.

Last year, they eliminated all egg ingredients from MorningStar chicken products. Following that, they rolled out a new pair of burgers: one high-fidelity, meaty burger made with plant protein for meat-loving flexitarians and a craveable veggie patty for those among us who don’t mind a carrot in its OG composition. Inclusivity for the win.

Then, earlier this year, they announced that they’re transitioning every. single. MorningStar product to be 100 percent plant-based by 2021. We were thrilled to partner with them on this commitment, which will effectively eliminate the use of 300 million eggs. It’s huge. And it’s a testament to MorningStar Farms' commitment to sustainability, to leadership in this space, and to giving consumers delicious, affordable, 100 percent plant-based choices.

Building plant-based momentum

Having this long-time industry leader present the Good Food Conference 2019 with GFI is an extraordinary privilege. MorningStar Farms has been reimagining the center of the plate for more than forty years and continues to help move the market towards a healthy, sustainable, and just food system.

The progress we’re seeing across the animal-free food industries just keeps accelerating. For all the phenomenal developments that have hit the headlines in recent months (like this one, this one, and this one), we’re about to see a whole lot more at a much faster pace. Here’s to the MorningStar Farms and all the innovators building a good food future.

Come make history with us at the Good Food Conference 2019. Tickets and sponsorship opportunities available. 

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