Nestlé Acquires Sweet Earth Foods
Nestlé, which ranked as the largest food company in the world from 2014–2016, has jumped into the plant-based market with the acquisition of Sweet Earth, a fast-growing brand that sells uber delicious meals powered by plant-based meats. 

With the powerhouse of this multinational corporation behind it, Sweet Earth will be able to scale significantly, gaining access to increased distribution, manufacturing capabilities, and improved “technologies for plant-based protein taste and texture,” as a Nestlé USA spokeswoman told FoodNavigator–USA
Sweet Earth founders Kelly and Brian Swette will continue to run the company with Nestlé’s support. 

Here are two of our favorite quotes about the acquisition: 
“In the United States, we’re experiencing a consumer shift toward plant-based proteins. In fact, as many as 50% of consumers now are seeking more plant-based foods in their diets and 40% are open to reducing their traditional meat consumption.”
– Nestlé USA chairman and CEO Paul Grimwood 
“I don’t see our brand as a ‘meat-alternative’ brand. We’re just selling delicious food that happens to contain no meat…We’re seeing a fundamental shift towards more plant-based foods, so creating a little niche called meat-alternatives is not helpful and it’s not progressive.” 
–Sweet Earth co-founder and CEO Kelly Swette 
Times are changing in the best way, friends. Now, off to buy a Sweet Earth burrito!

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