New Zealand's New Meat Aisle
Supermarkets across New Zealand just started stocking something new: plant-based chicken from Sunfed Meats. And apparently they aren't stocking enough, seeing as Sunfed sold out within its first day of sales!
I haven’t been so jealous of New Zealanders since Peter Jackson filmed Lord of the Rings in their ridiculously beautiful countryside. Now that Sunfed is on the scene, it might finally be time for a “research” trip. 

Straight from Sunfed Founder and CEO Shama Lee “favorite placement – right between the meat and the peas!”
Shama Lee, Founder and CEO of Sunfed Meats, is on a quest to transform the meat aisle into the "protein" aisle – creating a space where plant proteins are just as mainstream as animal proteins. 

As Shama explains in the video below, meat has a specific structure, and plant proteins can be aligned in a way that mimics animal meat by applying pressure, heat, and water. For Sunfed, pea protein is the primary ingredient. 
Sunfed’s chicken is currently available in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, and Wellington. For more specific locations (which should help you while you’re planning your trip) click here

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