Plant-Based Coalition Lobbies Congress
Today, The Good Food Institute’s policy team is on Capitol Hill meeting with members of Congress to defend the interests of plant-based dairy producers against a proposed federal bill that would disadvantage them against the already heavily subsidized industry of cow-based dairy. 

The bill in question, known as the Dairy Pride Act, would punish producers of products such as soy milk and cashew cheese for using the terms “milk” and “cheese” on labels. As silly as it sounds, the ramifications are serious for the companies that would be forced to adopt new and potentially confusing labels. 

As Miyoko Schinner, founder and CEO of Miyoko’s Kitchen, explains, policymakers should support free market values and environmentally friendly plant-based businesses, not hinder their success:  

We are joined in our opposition of the Dairy Pride Act by advocates and industry giants including the Plant Based Foods Association, the Soyfoods Association of North America, Blue Diamond, and Campbell Soup Company. Good-food companies including MALK, Oatly, Upton's Natural, Good Karma Foods, and more also joined us on the Hill to add their voices. 

[Did you hear? Campbell Soup is now a card-carrying member of the plant-based movement!] 

Left to right: GFI's Director of Policy, Jessica Almy, and Senior Policy Specialist, Joanna Grossman, take Capitol Hill!

GFI is not only opposing this bill, we have proposed our own solution. Our official Petition for Rulemaking, which we filed with the FDA, asserts the First Amendment rights of plant-based dairy producers to use labels that consumers recognize and that clearly describe their products. 

Based on the legal arguments presented in our petition, if FDA bends to Big Dairy, we will challenge the decision in court.  

To support your favorite plant-based dairy producer, tell your member of Congress to oppose the Dairy Pride Act and support healthy, humane, and sustainable businesses! 

You can find more details on the Dairy Pride Act here, and for details on GFI’s solution, click here.    

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