Plant-Based Power Couple
The nation is still struggling to recover from the dissolution of Brangelina (or so I hear). Thankfully, there’s a new power couple to catch our collective attention: 
The mission-driven venture capital fund New Crop Capital and the marketing gurus at BeyondBrands have joined forces to become a powerful accelerator for plant-based companies. By combining financing with consulting, this unique joint venture is designed to conceive, launch, and support groundbreaking new companies. 
The coupling is based on strategic thinking and a shared mission: to move our food system away from factory farming by building a market for competitive, animal-free alternatives. 

Meet the team leading the New Crop and BeyondBrands coalition: 
From left: Chad Sarno (chef and former culinary exec from Whole Foods), Renee Loux (cookbook author, restaurateur, and entrepreneur), Chris Kerr (NCC Managing Director and GFI’s entrepreneur-in-residence), Marci Zaroff (eco-lifestyle entrepreneur), and Eric Schnell (co-visionary of BeyondBrands)

Obviously, we at The Good Food Institute are crazy excited about this collaboration and will be working closely with both groups to streamline product development and distribution so that new good-food companies can have the maximum positive impact. 
Our executive director, Bruce Friedrich (also co-trustee of NCC): 

Most consumers are actively reducing the amount of meat, fish, dairy and egg products in their diets. With BeyondBrands and its team of experts, we will have a direct impact in supporting this lifestyle shift — while providing nutritious, clean and delicious products. 

New Crop Capital and BeyondBrands’ first collaborative brand launch will be unveiled Summer 2017. 
Get stoked. 
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