Alfre Woodard Interviews Bruce Friedrich in the Smithsonian Long Conversation
During the Smithsonian Long Conversation, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Alfre Woodard asked GFI Executive Director Bruce Friedrich what made him hopeful about the future.

This interview was part of an “epic creative marathon” where astrophysicists, filmmakers, chefs, paleontologists, inventors, activists and more gathered to discuss the ideas that make the future look bright.

Bruce brought plant-based and cell-based meat—and their extraordinary potential to transform our food system—center stage in this 8-hour relay of optimism. Their conversation emphasized that the environmental and societal challenges of rising meat consumption are colossal but very solvable.

Watch this short Long Conversation between Bruce and Alfre Woodard to learn:
  • How we can combat climate change and meet our obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement;
  • Why the solution to conventional animal agriculture doesn’t seem to be consumer education; and
  • What Bruce is optimistic about (hint: plant-based and cell-based meat!).

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