Sowing Seeds of Disruption at SxSW 2017
We are delighted to announce that The Good Food Institute will be taking our message to the South By Southwest (SxSW) stage in Austin this spring!  

The panel GFI pulled together and submitted, titled “Seeds of Disruption: The Future of Protein,” is focused on the technologies and businesses that are transforming the protein market to address the most pressing problems in our food system, from sustainability to public health. 

GFI executive director Bruce Friedrich will be joined by Dr. Uma Valeti, CEO of Memphis Meats  Caroline Love, VP of mission of Hampton Creek, and Alexis Fox, CEO and founder of Lighter

Each member of the panel represents a critical part of the new food movement toward sustainable, healthy, and humane options, and away from conventional animal agriculture. 

Dr. Uma Valeti, former cardiologist and current CEO of Memphis Meats will be sharing insights about clean meat and why this revolutionary technology is poised to disrupt the entire meat industry. As you probably already know, Valeti and his team created the world’s first clean meatball  which was made by taking a small sample of animal cells and replicating them outside of the animal, resulting in real meat without the need for a slaughterhouse or a factory farm. And in case you missed it, Memphis Meats is the subject of a new feature-length documentary Meat the Future!

[Watch the trailer here]

Caroline Love will be representing Hampton Creek, one of the most buzzed-about companies in the alternative protein world for many years running. Hampton Creek started with one premise: what would the world look like if we started over? Of course, they quickly came to the conclusion that in such a scenario, we wouldn’t actively choose to build a food system that was environmentally destructive, relied heavily on the suffering of farm workers and farm animals, and produced food that led to chronic illness and antibiotic resistance. Hence, the company decided to reformulate popular products without ingredients from plants instead of animals. 

[Just how disruptive is Hampton Creek? Read more here

Alexis Fox is the CEO (chief empowerment officer) of Lighter, a tech platform that brings tailor-made, plant-based food innovations to the people. Lighter empowers consumers to make better food choices by creating personalized and plant-based meal plans, complete with recipes and grocery lists—ensuring that this food revolution is accessible to anyone with any budget or schedule. The platform can also be used as a powerful healthcare tool and is becoming a vehicle for doctors to prescribe food as medicine. 

[Read more on Lighter's work in healthcare in this recent Forbes article]

        Lighter’s Beyond Meat Crispy Chick’n Tacos with slaw and Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo! 

And then there’s us, represented by GFI executive director and panel coordinator Bruce Friedrich. GFI is working to ensure all of the players in the plant-based and clean meat tech movements have the tools they need to maximize their transformative impact on our food system. By working in the public, governmental, and private sectors, we’re aiming to steer of the future of protein in a sustainable direction. 

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